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Give gangrene a chance

Why are you so hasty to jump to conclusion about that gangrenous lesion. You should give it a chance. How do you KNOW it will kill you? Just because people say bad things about it, it might be so bad after all. Wait a few months and see if it really is a problem.
Remember last year when you had a cold? You left it alone and it got better all by itself, You are just being alarmist.
Wait, wait wait. Nobody likes to listen to a person complain. You need to make friends with that little malady.
Why I read on the internet that the other day that somebody had gangrene, left it untreated and now they are as healthy as a horse,

Calm down, you will get used to it after a while.

Sincerely, Donald J Trump

Dear Matt Bevin – 11/18/15


Dear Matt
I read your statement saying you oppose Syrian Refugees coming to Kentucky. While your claim of concern for protecting Kentuckians is admirable, it rings disingenuous since you favor dropping Medicaid expansion. How many more Kentuckians will die because Medicaid is rolled back? If you really want to protect Kentuckians, reconsider your plans on Medicaid expansion.
All the best

Dear Mike Huckabee – 11/17/15

child-375354_640Dear Mike:
After reading your words about Syrian Refugees, I had this thought.
I know that you are a former Baptist pastor and are familiar with Vacation Bible School. I went to VBS as a child myself. Remember that little song we used to sing that went “Jesus loves the little children, all the little children of the world”?
Funny, I used to think that the adults actually believed this. Now I know that for some, at least, it was just a cute little children’s song.


Dear Matt Bevin – 11/16/15

Expanded Medicaid Recipients are unwelcome to Kentucky

Expanded Medicaid Recipients are unwelcome to Kentucky

Dear Matt:
I am sure getting ready to be governor is a daunting task. So much to do, so little time. I won’t keep you, but I did want to leave you with one question: What advice would you have to the thousands of people who are going to lose health care due to the roll back of Medicaid expansion?
Personally, my advice would be to leave Kentucky and find a state that wants you, because the policies of our new governor have made it clear that you are unwelcome in Kentucky.


Dear Matt Bevin – 11/15/15

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A frosty morning on the Morris farm

Dear Matt:
I am a conservative. I believe that our creator has entrusted us with the care of the world. I believe in the concept of stewardship of natural resources. I believe in leaving the world better for the next generation. I believe we should conserve our natural world.
Matt, I know you claim to be conservative too, so I am mystified by your rhetoric toward the protection of our environment. It is not conservative. It is profligate. It is as if you believe we have no responsibility to the next generation. I’d like to hear from you soon on this topic.


Dear Matt Bevin – 11/14/15

dollar-499481_640Dear Matt:
Sometimes tough budget choices have to be made. I get that. We cannot spend indiscriminately. However, real people with real lives are impacted by your proposed health care changes, so I would challenge you to personally meet with at least 10 families who will be impacted by the major changes you propose to the Kentucky health care system before you act. Meet with them and explain to them why you and your family will continue to enjoy the health care you have always enjoyed, while they and their families will have their lives turned around for the worst.
Do you have the courage to do this?


Dear Matt Bevin – 11/13/15



Homage to Medicaid

Dear Matt:
Congratulations for being elected governor. I am writing to you in hopes that you are willing to listen to a point of view that conflicts with with your own. I believe that you may be assuming too much based on your election as governor. Do you really think that those who voted for you were enthusiastic about every policy you espoused during the campaign? I think it is possible that many who opposed same sex marriage may have voted for you based solely on your position on the issue. Many Medicaid recipients who will be impacted by your plan to roll back Medicaid expansion may well have voted for you based on their dislike for the President and their dislike for gays.  You should at least be astute enough to test public opinion on the Medicaid issue. You may find that once the public understands that their friends and family are going to be impacted, your presumed  mandate  on the issue will evaporate.



Dear Matt Bevin – 11/12/15

newborn-617414_1280Dear Matt:
You argue that the state cannot afford Medicaid expansion. I commend you on your concern for balancing the books. Let me point out, however, that there is a huge human cost that the state will have to bear if Medicaid expansion is rolled back. So I would ask you to look at this issue from a different point of view. Suppose one of your children came down with cancer. Further suppose that you were uninsured, and living from paycheck to paycheck. Would you prevent your child from getting the best possible treatment because you could not afford it? Or would you move heaven and earth to be able to pay for the needed treatment?

As governor, you must move heaven and earth to make sure we can afford to keep Medicaid expansion. It is the only compassionate option.

Take it easy

Dear Matt Bevin – 11/11/15


Dear Matt:
I suppose you are too busy to respond to my messages, but nevertheless, I will keep on writing. I was wondering, do you know what it is like to be without health insurance? As a member of the tea party, you probably think that everyone should take care of themselves, and that it is not the government’s responsibility to provide health insurance. You can probably cite me many ideological reasons that the government providing health insurance is wrong headed.
You know Matt, the people whose life will be catastrophically impacted by the loss of health insurance probably do not care about your ideology. They just know that life became that much harder, their lifespan reduced, and the likelihood of losing their home and financial catastrophe increased and that someone with power used that power cause it to be so.

Since you profess to be a Christian, please reflect upon the story of Jesus and the blind man, found in John 9:9-34. The blind man, when asked by the hypocritical pharisees if Jesus was a sinner, said “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

Soon, the Kentuckian who has been dropped from the Medicaid rolls will say, when asked if Matt Bevin is an ideologically pure man: “Whether he is ideologically pure or not, I do not know, One thing I do know. I had health insurance and now I do not.”

All the best