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Dear Matt Bevin – 11/10/15

pollution-444668_1920 Dear Matt:
I read with interest in your wikipedia entry that you have 6 Biological children (5 surviving) and 4 adopted children. I commend your interest in the next generation. I am puzzled, however, by your seeming lack of concern for the future that they will inherit. For example, why are you so vehemently opposed to the Environmental Protection Agency, the ones charged with making the environment our children have to live in is suitable for humans after our generation has passed from the scene? I even read that you told the EPA to “Pound Sand”. Please consider that your decisions as governor may have a horrific impact on your children, my children, and the entire coming generation. Could it be that you, with all your intellect and proven ability to make money, have a terrific blind spot when it comes to the environment?