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Dear Matt Bevin – 11/18/15


Dear Matt
I read your statement saying you oppose Syrian Refugees coming to Kentucky. While your claim of concern for protecting Kentuckians is admirable, it rings disingenuous since you favor dropping Medicaid expansion. How many more Kentuckians will die because Medicaid is rolled back? If you really want to protect Kentuckians, reconsider your plans on Medicaid expansion.
All the best

Dear Matt Bevin – 11/14/15

dollar-499481_640Dear Matt:
Sometimes tough budget choices have to be made. I get that. We cannot spend indiscriminately. However, real people with real lives are impacted by your proposed health care changes, so I would challenge you to personally meet with at least 10 families who will be impacted by the major changes you propose to the Kentucky health care system before you act. Meet with them and explain to them why you and your family will continue to enjoy the health care you have always enjoyed, while they and their families will have their lives turned around for the worst.
Do you have the courage to do this?