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Dear Matt Bevin – 11/18/15


Dear Matt
I read your statement saying you oppose Syrian Refugees coming to Kentucky. While your claim of concern for protecting Kentuckians is admirable, it rings disingenuous since you favor dropping Medicaid expansion. How many more Kentuckians will die because Medicaid is rolled back? If you really want to protect Kentuckians, reconsider your plans on Medicaid expansion.
All the best

Dear Mike Huckabee – 11/17/15

child-375354_640Dear Mike:
After reading your words about Syrian Refugees, I had this thought.
I know that you are a former Baptist pastor and are familiar with Vacation Bible School. I went to VBS as a child myself. Remember that little song we used to sing that went “Jesus loves the little children, all the little children of the world”?
Funny, I used to think that the adults actually believed this. Now I know that for some, at least, it was just a cute little children’s song.